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Terms of Service

Goblin Crafted is a small site. We can barely afford to "pay" our goblins ... and laywers are a much more expensive kind of monster! So instead of a formal legal agreement, we offer a promise.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is simple (and also, partly stolen from Google): We Will Not Be Evil!*
* Except when it comes to how we treat our goblin workers (hey, you try managing goblins without being at least a little evil!)

Editorial Honesty

Although this site does use "affiliate links" for purchasable products, we apply such links equally throughout the site. Goblin Crafted does not promote or prioritize any particular product in exchange for money. The only exception is that this site might someday add (clearly-labeled) advertisements ... but we're hoping to avoid that.
We guarantee that the recommendations we make, for games and gaming supplements, are based on actual player feedback, not because of financial influence!


If you provide your email (eg. when giving us feedback), we promise to only use it to contact you about matters pertaining to Goblin Crafted. We will not sell your address, or otherwise share it with anyone else!

What About Other Evil Stuff?

Again, without lawyers we can't give you an iron-clad legal guarantee that we won't do evil thing _____.
All we can offer is our most sincere promise to work to be the best gaming resource on the web ... and that includes never doing anything "evil", or that would otherwise betray our readers trust!