Space Stone

The Space Stone

Items of the MCU, Part 6

Hi everyone, today's item is the second infinity stone Thanos obtains, which grants its user control over space, distance, force, and gravity. It's a lot cheaper than the Power Stone but don't let that dissuade you; in the hands of a creative player this could be just as dangerous (or more!).

“Fabled to hold the power to rewrite the very laws of physics and unlock doors across the universe."

Notes: There's not much to go into here. I used Wildcard Powers as I did with the Power Stone, and statted out a lot of the powers we see Thanos use throughout the movie. This stone allows one to teleport, create a force field, make enemies insubstantial (and then undo the affliction once they phase through a wall), and even create a black hole! I also added a lot of Enhanced Move as an option, since the Space Stone in the comics is held by a character named the Runner (who technically teleports but describes it as "running at the speed of thought").

The Space Stone (1428)

Infinity Stone -30%: Breakable (DR 26+, SM -9) -0%, Can Be Stolen (Forcefully Removed, may not work for opponent) -5%, Unique -25%

Space! (Control Space 7 +70%: Cosmic +50%, Persistent +10%, Ranged +40%, Gadget -30% (357)) (1428)

Space! uses (357):

Can alter distances and dimensions by ±7 on the SSR table (B550)

Affliction 3 +930%: Advantage (Insubstantiality) +800%, Cosmic +50%, Malediction 1 +100%, Variable (Can end affliction early) +10%, Infinity Stone -30% (309)

“Black Hole” Crushing Attack 17d +300%: Area 2 (4y) +100%, Double Knockback +20%, Cosmic +50%, Mobile 3 +120%, Persistent +40%, Infinity Stone -30% (340) (Feature: Knockback is reversed)

DR 71 +0%: Cosmic +50%, Force Field +20%, Hardened 2 +20%, Active Defense -40%, Directional (Frontal) -20%, Infinity Stone -30% (355)

Enhanced Move 10 +70%: Cosmic +50%, Cosmic (Complete Maneuverability, Instantaneous Acceleration) +50%, Infinity Stone -30% (340)

TK 71 +%: Cosmic +50%, Infinity Stone -30%, Visible -20% (355)

Warp +120%: Cosmic +50%, Cosmic (No Die Roll Required) +50%, Extra Carrying Capacity (Extra Heavy) +50%, Infinity Stone -30% (220)

Warp +170%: Cosmic +50%, Blind +50%, Extra Carrying Capacity (Extra Heavy) +50%, Reliable 10 +50%, Infinity Stone -30% (270)

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