Marvel Comics Tabletop RPG Recommendations

Whether you're a fan of the original Marvel Comics, the Marvel Comics Cinematic Universe, or both, the characters and stories of the Marvel Universe make the perfect setting for a tabletop role-playing game.  But with so many super hero RPGs available, which one should you pick for your Marvel campaign?

To help, we have collected the best super hero RPGs below, both ones officially associated with Marvel, and ones which aren't.  We also have collected reviews from around the Internet for each game, as well as detailed rules summaries of those games ... in short, everything you need to start gaming in the Marvel Universe!

Best Marvel Comics Tabletop RPGs

Officially Licensed RPGs (Multiple)

These games are all officially licensed by Marvel Comics, and so have the advantage of being able to include Marvel heroes, villains, items, etc. (and their stats).

Game: ?
From 0 reviews

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

First Edition

Game: C
From 447 reviews

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

First Edition

A Story-Focused RPG Where You Play as Marvel Heroes
Game: C
From 62 reviews

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game

First Edition

Unofficial (But Still Great for Marvel) Super Hero RPGs (Multiple)

Because these games aren't licensed by Marvel, they can only describe generic heroes, forcing GMs to recreate any Marvel ones themselves.

However, while many official licensees seemed more focused on making money than making good games, the creators of these games were free to follow their passion for creating great super hero games, and so some fans may prefer them over the licensed games.

Best Marvel Comics Resources

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From 0 reviews
Game: B
From 1704 reviews

GURPS Items of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

4th Edition

Resource: ?
From 0 reviews
Game: A-
From 1165 reviews

Mutants & Masterminds Character Conversions Wiki

Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition

Mutants & Masterminds Conversions for Marvel Heroes and Villains