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Wikipedia For Zombies [ edit ]

If there really was a zombie apocalypse, Wikipedia might offer a little bit of helpful info, but where you'd really want to go to learn about all things zombie-related is the Zombiepedia.

Now the Zombiepedia is not a role-playing specific resource, but that doesn't mean it isn't full of great info for a prospective zombie/game master.  From its large number of tactics pages, to its more than fifty different ideas for bases (to shelter in from the zombies), to its collection of zombie apocalypse survivors (the perfect basis for NPCs in your campaign), the Zombiepedia is full of great zombie-related material that can be used in your next campaign.

Again, if you're looking for in-game stats this won't be the resource for you, but if you what you want is zombie campaign ideas, look no further than the Zombiepedia.

Zombiepedia is available for free at: