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Forged Dice Co. Serpent Cell Dice Jail


Publisher Description

  • HORDE WORTHY: Securely horde your precious polyhedrals with the the Serpent Cell dice storage box from Forged Dice Co.
  • WELL GUARDED: Crafted to keep your favorite jewels or d&d dice set properly guarded under the watchful eyes of a draconic ally
  • IMPENETRABLE: Hinged jail cell door is sealed with the force of magic (magnets) keeping your bad-mannered metal dice set or imprisoned dnd character held captive
  • GREAT D&D GIFT: All of our role playing game and dnd accessories are packaged with gift giving in mind making them perfect for Dungeons and Dragons gifts. (Dice not included)
  • FORMIDABLE: Inspiring fear and commanding respect, our Serpent Cell is more than some cool dice case it makes a frightening addition to your dnd terrain


A Storage Box For Badly Behaving Dice [ edit ]

Nothing is more frustrating to a (superstitious) gamer than having their favorite die roll badly over and over again, and having nothing they can do to solve it. Staring at at the die, threatening it, yelling at it, etc. all often fail to to produce the desired result.

With this incredible dragon-guarded dice jail however, your favorite gamer can now have a new option: putting their badly behaving die in prison.  Of course, there's no guarantee that will produce any better results, but at least this way the gamer can get some small satisfaction out of punishing the die.

Plus, when the game is over, even a less superstitious gamer can use this cage to take all their small parts (including not just dice, but also miniatures) with them from the table.