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Find Your Fate

Indiana Jones Series

A Series of Four Indiana Jones Solo-Play "Adventures"

Another 80's Throwback: Choose Your Own Adventure [ edit ]

In addition to remembering Indiana Jones, children of the 80'ss will likely remember another extremely popular franchise: Choose Your Own Adventure series of novels.  These books were especially popular among gamers because they offered a sort of "solo RPG" experience: when you read them you "played" as a character.

To make a choice for your character, you would flip to a page of the book that described your choice's outcome.  For instance, when arriving at a  chasm you might have the option to search for a way around it (page 55), or use your whip to swing across (page 78).  Of course, this format wasn't a true RPG ... but to many fans they were the next best thing.

A Solo Indiana Jones "RPG" [ edit ]

There were no Indiana Jones Choose Your Own Adventures, but he did have a similar series: "Find Your Fate".  The first (and seventh) books in this series were written by popular author R.L. Stine ... before he gained popularity.  After he did, those two books were re-released with new titles and new covers (that more prominently featured their author's name).

Excluding those two re-releases, Ballantine Books released a total of nine "adventures" in this Indiana Jones series (and they also released similar series for both Doctor Who and James Bond).

Who Should Read the Indiana Jones Find Your Fate Series? [ edit ]

Although the books in this series are not actual RPG adventures in a traditional sense, they still might be of interest to two groups:

  • gamers without access to a gaming group may enjoy the series as a way to "scratch their itch" for an Indiana Jones RPG adventure
  • game masters looking to run an Indiana Jones game may want to read some of these books as a way to immerse themselves in the world of Indiana Jones, and get  ideas that their players won't already have seen in the movies

In short, don't buy these books if you want an actual Indiana Jones RPG ... but do consider them if you're looking for some game-like Indiana Jones fun away from the gaming table.