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Final Fantasy d20

Online Edition


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Final Fantasy d20 (abbreviated as FFd20) is a table-top role-playing game that uses Pathfinder rules combined with the style of the Final Fantasy videogames to create a pen-and-paper RPG that is capable of putting the epic, save-the-world adventure, deep characterization, and story philosophies that have become the hallmark of the Final Fantasy games into the control of any group of gamers.

In doing this, FFd20 takes Pathfinder as its rules base, and supplements it with new races, new classes, feats, skills, spells, prestige classes, characters, monsters, meanings, and iconography of the Final Fantasy games. Rather than focus on emulating the mechanics of the FF games, FFd20 cherry-picks from various games in the series, utilizing trends that unite them to forge a table-top game system that can successfully drive home a unique Final Fantasy feel in play.


A Very Detailed Fan-Made Final Fantasy D20 RPG [ edit ]

Final Fantasy d20 is a free, fan-made online RPG, based heavily on 1st edition Pathfinder rules (it's basically the same rules, except for a few custom changes).  Since that edition of Pathfinder was itself essentially based of the revised Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition (ie. "D&D 3.5"), Final Fantasy d20 is essentially a Final Fantasy variant of Dungeons and Dragons  itself.

While it's rules may be slightly unfamiliar to those who haven't played Pathfinder, the core of the game will still be extremely familiar to players of 3.0/3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.  However, that's only true of the rules: the actual content of the game, everything from magic items, to monsters, to classes, is completely different.  The game's creator, Viladin, has created completely new Final Fantasy versions of everything, so you can't make (say) a Halfling Rogue ... but you can make a Moogle Thief.

The same can be said of everything else in the game, and even the "Vancian" magic system used by D&D/Pathfinder has been replaced with a "magic point"-based system, similar to that used in the Final Fantasy games. Magic items retain their D&D categories (eg. rings, wonderous items) ... but there are also new categories (eg. Magitek and Materia), and all of the items in every category are completely new and exclusive to Final Fantasy.  In theory one could use items from Pathfinder just fine, but there'd be no reason since everything a Final Fantasy campaign needs is provided.

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Free, Detailed, and D20-Based: What More Could You Want? [ edit ]

The core d20 rules that powered Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, its "3.5th" edition, and the first edition of Pathfinder are certainly not ideal for every gamer: after all D&D has had two new editions since, and Pathfinder has had one.  Players who have updated to the latest rules of their game may find going back to a "d20-system" to be ... well, a step backwards.

At the same time the d20 system was also beloved by many gamers, and the sheer number of systems it's spawned is a testament to both the popularity and longevity of the system.  Plus, as the creator of Final Fantasy found, it's actually a really great system to adapt to Final Fantasy.  Certainly some parts (eg. the magic system) required major customization, but the core of the system for the most part makes for a perfect Final Fantasy RPG.

Of course, it's not that much of a surprise that Final Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons pair so well ... Final Fantasy itself was originally inspired heavily by early editions of Dungeons and Dragons.  As such, if you're a DM who is familiar with Pathfinder (or even just D&D 3.0/3.5), and you are looking to start your own Final Fantasy campaign, it's hard to find a better game than Final Fantasy d20.  Plus, the site even offers a pre-made campaign with several adventures, making it even easier to start.

In short, Final Fantasy d20 will be the perfect resource for any "d20 DM" ... and quite possibly even DMs who aren't (since the game provides a "Pathfinder Basics" section, no knowledge of the system is even required).